Real-Time Warehouse Storage and Management

A safe, secure and organized inventory is a critical part of your supply chain. Flexible, commercial warehouse space that expands to meet your business growth is only the beginning.

You need the machinery, manpower and management software necessary for modern distribution challenges to make sure you can always meet market demands.

warehouse space birdseye view

Warehouse Space

Store everything you ship and receive in one large, centrally-located facility. Our 115,000-square-foot warehouse is conveniently situated on our new rail infrastructure, giving you direct access to four railroads for faster, more flexible freight options. With ample storage space, you can expand and adjust to your long-term and short-term warehousing needs.

multiple views of a warehouse and employees

Inventory Management

Know every last item that enters your warehouse space and leaves on a truck or train. Our warehouse management system gives you real-time insights into your entire inventory. With a comprehensive dashboard, you’ll always have accurate information to make every warehousing operations decision. With our inventory management system, you can:

  • Track products by unique identifiers like serial numbers or lot codes
  • Fulfill orders quickly and efficiently
  • Tag products with specific locations
  • Assign products to shipments

warehouse forklift operator

Warehousing Equipment & Operations

Access everything you need to load, store and distribute your products. When you rent warehouse space, you not only get access to our rail infrastructure — you benefit from sharing all the warehousing resources needed to move your inventory. Forklifts, conveyors, loading docks, cranes, wheel loaders — and the workforce to operate them — are available for your distribution needs.

Our Space Is Built to Your Specs

Warehouse Features

  • Reinforced steel building zoned for heavy industrial use
  • Precast walls and R13 insulation
  • 50x40-foot column spacing
  • 32-foot minimum height clearance
  • ESFR sprinkler system
  • Ample electric, municipal water, and sewer

Transloading Amenities

  • 4 railroad connections and 1 mile from Interstates 35 and 80
  • 23 total automatic heavy-duty loading doors
  • 2 drive-through truck bays
  • Covered warehouse railroad ramp
  • Truck parking and drop trailer lot

Store, track, load and transport — all in one place.

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