Flexible Freight Transportation for Direct Delivery of Goods

If on-demand shipping is now the norm and on-site warehousing is where you store your inventory, trucking is the crucial final piece of this distribution puzzle, allowing you to efficiently deliver goods to your customers as needed.

When you combine agile transloading solutions and proximity to main interstates and highways with the machinery and manpower we provide to get your products on the road, you’re all set to fulfill market demands, on-demand.

aerial view of semi on overpass

Direct Shipping

No need to wait for inventory to be moved from railroads or temporary holding spots. Trucks bring goods from your warehouse directly to customers, saving you transportation and storage costs.

On-Demand Delivery

Conveniently located a mile away from Interstates 35 and 80, trucks can get your products wherever they need to go, whenever they need to go.

Transloading Support

When you do business with DSMI, you get the resources needed to load your inventory onto trucks — conveyors, forklifts, cranes and the workforce to operate them — at your disposal.

If You Can Store It, We Can Move It.

  • Construction Materials
  • Bulk Materials
  • Raw Minerals
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Finished Goods
  • Food and Beverages

aerial view of trucking yard

Transloading Amenities

  • 23 total automatic heavy-duty loading doors
  • 2 drive-through truck bays
  • Covered warehouse railroad ramp

Warehousing and Transloading Work Better Together.

115k Sq. Ft. of Storage Space
350k Sq. Ft. of Outdoor Storage

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Store, load and transport — all in one place.

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