Cost-Efficient Freight Transportation for Speedy Delivery

Timely distribution of inventory is a key component of your supply chain, so you need solutions that are up to the task. DSMI’s centrally located facility features direct connections to four railroads, enabling you to ship and receive products from virtually any place in the country.

When you have flexibility and convenience on your side, as well as the machinery and manpower we provide to help get your inventory on the road — or in this case, railroads — you’re primed to overcome potential distribution challenges and ready to meet market demands.

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Maximized Capacity

Cut costs and greenhouse gas emissions when you transport freight via rail. A single railcar can hold four truckloads of product, and trains have quadruple the fuel-efficiency of trucks.

Faster Distribution

Because trains and railroads operate 24/7, shipping can’t be delayed by mandatory shift breaks. Traffic and poor weather won’t throw schedules off either.

Transloading Support

When you do business with DSMI, you get access to all the resources needed to move your inventory. Transloading and laydown yard heavy machinery — and the workforce to operate them — are available to help you get products to your customers efficiently.

If You Can Store It, We Can Move It.

  • Construction Materials
  • Bulk Materials
  • Raw Minerals
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Finished Goods
  • Food and Beverages

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Transloading Amenities

  • 7 automatic drive-through truck doors
  • 12 automatic heavy-duty loading doors
  • 2 drive-through truck bays
  • Covered warehouse railroad ramp

Warehousing and Transloading Work Better Together.

115k Sq. Ft. of Storage Space
350k Sq. Ft. of Outdoor Storage

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